I've been hunting twice in the last week while using the Vertx Kryptek cam outfit I recently purchased from you. The first hunt was for rabbits on a cattle stud outside Goulburn which consisted of cleared grassland with a few wooded patches. On the second hunt we went after pigs in the Tallaganda State Forest east of Canberra, which is moderate to heavy gum and rainforest.

The gear worked incredibly well. I went hunting with different blokes each time, and they all commented on how effective it was in those environments, particularly in the state forest. The guy who was with me on that trip said I just seemed to blur into the background all the time, and it was difficult to focus on me, particularly in the shade.

I've attached a couple of pics, showing what it looks like in shade and bright sunlight.

The clothing is well made and practical, and I highly recommend it to anybody who is hunting in the dryer parts of Australia.

G PARKER, ACT - March 2014

I have no interest in TAQ and was not paid for this review