Led Lenser Product Review

LED Lenser P7 Tactical Torch.  (November 2008)

I’ve had this torch on loan now for three weeks and until now have shied away from the idea of a small hand held torch relying on department issue Maglite. This torch has changed my mind entirely.

First thing I considered is the light, just how bright is it ?  Well at 167 Lumens it is more than twice as powerful as the standard 3 cells Maglite on issue throughout the country. A Maglite produces just 76 lumens of light.  You simply cannot look into the light emitted by the LED Lenser without a degree of eye watering discomfort. Great way to persuade people to move back without going hands on. 

Another aspect of the light emitted is the great range you get from this tiny torch, more than 200 metres of usable light is emitted. 

Ease of use.  Admittedly the base mounted switch took a little to get used to, maybe ten minutes, after that the two stage switch is a snap to use and the half light function, useful for writing in your note book or looking about is a great thing to have.

Durability.  The Maglites are legendary for their rugged ability to withstand abuse and shock, would this tiny torch hold up ?  Well to be honest I simply held it at waist height and dropped it, twice.  Nothing happened not even a scratch to the nice black paint on the aluminum body.  Not satisfied with that I ran it over with my Nissan Pathfinder (only once) and the torch is still in fantastic shape and working just perfectly.

Batteries.  Always been wary of these torches that you see that need expensive “camera” style batteries or desk top charging units.  The LED Lenser uses 4 standard AAA batteries in a special cradle that like a battery in a normal torch just slides into the main body. A Maglite or similar will chew up 3 D cells batteries in about 10 hours, the LED Lenser will keep shining for a claimed 130 hrs ! Ive had it on for 23 hrs at the time of writing this review and the light has not diminished at all.

Accessories.  The torch comes in a great little “gift” style pack and contains a wrist strap and a corduroy pouch that has a belt loop to fit a standard issue accouchement belt on issue Australia wide.

Do I recommend this torch ?  you bet I do.  Where do you get them ?  well a quick search on the net shows a number of Australian suppliers with prices from $98 to as high as $120 (not including postage).  I recommend Tactical Advantage Queensland orwww.taq.com.au who are retailing the torches at $90. I believe a generous discount exists for serving members !  TAQ supplied me with the test torch for this review. 

Who am I to review a torch ?  I’ve been an operational Police Officer for 22 yrs and have served in the NT Police, the QPS and overseas with the UN as an advisor. Currently a General Duties shift supervisor in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane

I have no interest in TAQ and was not paid for this review