Led Lenser H7 Headfire Product Review

After many years of working on PC’s, among other things, I finally purchased the Led Lenser H7 Headfire head light.  Working on PC’s usually requires both hands and working in confined usually poorly areas.  I used to use just a standard small torch which was awkward, sometimes next to impossible. 

The H7 has an adjustable beam variable between flood and spot and everything in between.  This comes in handy when you need to illuminate a particular area or just the general area you are working on.  There is also a dimmer unit attached which comes in handy if the surfaces you are working on are reflective and you need to reduce the light output to avoid reflection. 

The build quality is excellent and the lifetime of the batteries is also good.  If you need both hands free this light saves you time and frustration.  I highly recommend this product.  The customer service from TAQ and also their knowledge of the product was excellent.  A competitive price too!