About Us

Tactical Advantage Queensland is a privately owned and operated Queensland business.  I have an association with Law Enforcement for in excess of 28 years, an association with Firearms and Defensive Tactics instruction for more than 17 years and am a Nationally accredited instructor and Assessor.  I have sought further relevant training, including participating in several overseas courses, taught by people who have real world military and policing operational experience, not just classroom and range based training.

I have personally selected, sourced and evaluated all of the products that TAQ offers.  I sell them because I either use them myself, or would use them if I had the need.

I started tactical Advantage Queensland in 2008 after trying to source a decent, affordable tactical torch and some comfortable boots for myself.  When I started looking around I found that anything that could possibly have the "Tactical" tag attached to it suddenly had a large price tag as well.

After making some inquiries I decided to look at opening a business catering specifically for the needs of emergency services personnel, sourcing what I believe to the the best "bang for buck" kit.  My stock list started with led Lenser torches and Original SWAT boots and has quickly grown to what it is today.  The addition of some of the other products was as a direct result of suggestions and requests from my workmates who saw the products and also saw the benefits for themselves in their duties, and you, the end user.

In 2010 I began a business relationship with Vertx®, a relatively new name to Tactical Apparel, but a market leader in innovation and quality.  The Vertx® range of tactical pants were developed in co-operation with a major US Federal Law Enforcement Tactical Team to offer the normal utility of a Tactical pant with the benefit of discreet pockets as apposed to the normal range of obert "just shoot me" tactical pants available everywhere else.  It should be noted that the parent company of Vertx® has in excess of 170 year history in manufacturing Military and Public Safety Apparel.

I am dedicated to developing TAQ further and to keep my customers satisfied.

Stay Safe.

Mark W.
Tactical Advantage Queensland
A.B.N. 47 708 823 601